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We can't wait to bring you informative workshops all day long lead by local pregnancy, birth and parenting experts! 

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Creating Healthy Sleep Habits

Come join Christine Brown, New Hampshire’s top sleep consultant, at the NH Mama & Baby Expo for a 45-minute class at 12:30 pm to learn the fundamentals for ‘Creating Healthy Sleep Habits’ for your baby. Christine is the founder of Bella Luna Sleep Consulting and raises twin boys in Nashua, NH. Christine’s experience comes first hand from her twins; from her extensive training in sleep, lactation and child behavior; and her years of helping 500+ clients she has worked with worldwide.

During this session we’ll explore:

·       Fundamentals of Healthy Sleep

·       Baby and Child Sleep Needs

·       How to design an optimal sleep environment

·       Why a sleep time routine is so important

There will be plenty of time for Q&A.

Christine Brown is the founder of Bella Luna Sleep Consulting, a parent consulting firm, specializing in

child sleep and child behavior. She is a certified child behavior specialist; a certified lactation counselor

and a certified child sleep consultant, having supported over 500 families worldwide in the journey to

healthy sleep habits. When she’s not helping families, she’s going on adventures with her husband and

twin boys; doing laundry (it never ends!) and listening to podcasts; or enjoying a delicious meal,

prosecco and laughs with her friends.

Learn more at: http://bellalunasleep.com

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Haas Dental Q & A 

Dr. Jim and Dr. Zeeb are pediatric dentists who specialize in treating and working on infants with oral health problems including those who are tongue-tied. Their workshop will include a Q & A session providing an opportunity that allows attendees to attain information they desire. 


FunkyBump - Demo Fitness Class

Calling all mamas! Whether you are currently pregnant or 7 weeks, 3 months, or 5 years postpartum we have got the workout for you. Join us for a demo of our flagship class where we will be combining aspects of our funkybaby and funkybump into one! Get stronger, increase endurance, hit your goals, be a positive role model - all while having fun, bonding with baby, and meeting other new moms. Wear comfy clothes and meet us on the floor with Functional Bump Head Coaches Amanda, Kieran, and Antonia! If bringing baby, please provide a blanket for baby to lie on. Any and all options will be provided to meet your needs and goals. Limitations: if newly postnatal must be cleared to exercise from your physician. For more information and class schedules, please visit www.thefunctionalbump.com


Nutrition for Pregnancy and Beyond

Take a look into traditional diets of our ancestors and how modern food of our era has the potential to change the genetic makeup of our children for the worse. No need to fear, in just thirty minutes we will provide you with a colorful array of foods and supplements to include during your pregnancy and postpartum journeys as well as foods to avoid. De-bunk current day myths of pregnancy nutrition and learn more about how staying healthy during pregnancy can benefit moms physically and mentally in labor and postpartum. We will also discuss the importance of water and keeping your cells hydrated. Nutrition has the potential to create super children, with higher intelligence scores, straighter teeth, and greater immunity - come find out how.

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Meet your instructors:

Amanda Fay is a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise and Diastasis Specialist, Integrative Nutrition Coach, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and the founder and co-owner of The Functional Bump. Amanda believes holistic pre and postnatal care can help bring about future generations of vibrant health that will help lead the world. Amanda’s specialties include corrective exercise, non invasive diastasis protocols, fertility awareness and preconception planning, deep nutrition, and group fitness coaching. For Amanda, the most rewarding parts of her job include empowering other women to think and live differently and seeing others meet new friends during her group fitness classes! For more information visit www.thefunctionalbump.com. Contact: amanda@thefunctionalbump.com

Kieran Doucette is a Pre and Postnatal Corrective Exercise Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor, Childbirth Educator, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Birth Doula, and co-owner of The Functional Bump.  Kieran is passionate about educating women and their families to be prepared, mindful, and healthy for pregnancy and postpartum. Kieran’s specialties include corrective exercise, group fitness instruction, Pre and Postnatal education including nutrition, mindset, and relaxation. For Kieran, the absolute best part of her job is providing moms and families the tools to navigate their birth experience with comfort, calmness, and confidence! For more information visit www.storktoswaddle.com. Contact Kieran@thefunctionalbump.com.

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Hemp, Pleasure and Your Endocannabinoid System

Hemp products are all the rage.  Legalization is occurring at a record pace and hemp health products are everywhere.  Are they safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding? What do we know? CBD oil is one way to activate the amazing endocannabinoid system and give your body the ability to activate its own healing abilities.  But hemp is not the only way to stimulate this innate activation for health and well-being. Come learn about how to help your body’s endocannabinoid system jump into action and give you the energy, joy, pleasure and vitality you want and need for your healthy pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

Healing and Preventing Birth Trauma

Did you know a traumatic birth may not leave any physical scars?  Have you heard “a healthy mom and baby is all that matters” but wondered why it doesn’t seem to be the whole truth?

Birth trauma can happen in any birth and for any person involved in birth.  It can leave emotional and spiritual wounds and affect relationships, parenting, and health.

Join perinatal nurse educator, Farrah Sheehan Deselle, to learn about preventing and healing birth trauma.  Find out how you can be a part of the paradigm shift to change birth in our culture as a mom or birth professional.  

Farrah Sheehan Deselle is a perinatal nurse educator, lactation counselor, health coach and sex educator.   She specializes in the full spectrum of women’s wellbeing in the childbearing years including pre-conception health, pregnancy, birth preparation, lactation support, postpartum recovery, birth trauma healing, sexual well-being and parenting.  Farrah is well known for offering meaningful, creative and fun workshops for parents and birth professionals. She provides individual counseling, education and support locally and through virtual appointments so you can meet from the comfort and convenience of your home.  You can learn more at FarrahSheehan.com or reach her at 603 540 2734 to schedule your consult.  


10 tips for your best birth

Whether it is your first birth or you’ve been there before - we invite you to join, Jessica Mills, Certifed Nurse-Midwife, as we explore the options for achieving your best birth. In this workshop we will challenge the cultural norm and put the focus back where it belongs - on the birthing mother and her family. 

Jessica Mills MSN, APRN, CNM Jessica has spent the last decade caring for women and their families through nursing and midwifery care in a variety of settings including: hospitals, free-standing birth centers and the comfort of client’s homes. She is an advocate for access to midwifery care for all and is the proud owner of ‘Call The Midwife, LLC’ a family-centered private practice for women’s health and midwifery care based in Amherst, NH. She has five young children of her own and enjoys homeschooling and homesteading, as well fostering children in need. If you have questions about today’s workshop, or want to know more about midwifery care please visit her website at www.callthemidwifeNH.com or reach out to her at jessica@callthemidwifeNH.com. 


Birth Pro Q & A 

Coming soon!