Founded in 2013 The NH Mama & Baby Expo is the largest event in New Hampshire for pregnant and new families!


It is our mission to connect New England families to products, services and education that promote healthy pregnancy, birth and parenting. The NH Mama & Baby Expo showcases national, regional and local businesses as well as organizations that operate in line with this mission. We aim to connect parents and families in the NH and all over New England with experts, businesses, and organizations that offer education, products, or services promoting healthy birth, holistic wellness and healthy parenting!

We understand how overwhelming it can be when your pregnant, have a new baby or are pregnant with baby #2, 3 or 4! We've been there! With over 18 years of pregnancy and parenting experience we've done the hard work for you! 


Join us June 25th at The Event Center in Nashua for a day filled with shopping, workshops and fun! 

Meet our staff!

Baby Expo in NH and New England founder

Jen Middlemiss - founder 

Hello and welcome! I am Jen, founder of the NH Mama & Baby Expo. I'm also a senior midwifery student at the Midwifery College of Utah, prenatal yoga teacher, doula, childbirth educator, business & life coach, and mother of five boys. Through my unique prenatal yoga classes, natural birth education, and support before, during & after birth, I have been able to witness hundreds of families have inspired natural births.

I have worked with the midwives at The Birth Cottage of Milford, assisted a homebirth midwife in northern New Hampshire, and have witnessed many hospital births from Manchester to Littleton and all towns in between.  These experiences have shown me how amazing & strong women are and how important it is to arm yourself with information that leaves you feeling inspired and empowered! 

In 2013 I had a vision to take all the research and knowledge I've acquired over the past 18 years and make it accessible to my community! The NH Mama & Baby Expo was born. My sister in-law and I worked day and night, learning everything we could about how to make it happen! Our first event was a huge success, I kept going and have doubled in size each year! 

Brining together the top professionals in NH, New England and beyond make my heart burst open! Helping connect you to products that make your job, as a mother easier, helping you find the perfect midwife, hospital an/or birth professional to make your birth awe-Inspiring, helping you network with community resources, providing a space for free workshops for you to learn and giving away thousands of dollars worth of baby swag is my life work! 

Please join us this year for the biggest and best NH Mama & Baby Expo yet! 

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