The Bradley Method®

For over thirty years, The Bradley Method has relied on evidence-based education to prepare families for childbirth.

The Bradley Method teaches relaxation skills, exercises, and good nutrition that are vital to a foundation for healthy birth. The mother’s partner is educated to be a birth coach, learning multiple techniques to support the mother. Understanding physiology, routine procedures, and one’s options facilitate a confident labor and delivery.

Through 12 classes, parents-to-be have time to internalize tools for birth and beyond. Classes emphasize the importance of a well-prepared, invested partner and supportive birth team.

The skills and training provided by The Bradley Method can help you achieve a birth that is natural and joyous!

At the NH Mama & Birth Expo, New Hampshire’s two Bradley teachers, Kaedra and Rebekah, will present information on classes in The Bradley Method. Come chat with them about staying healthy and low-risk, your partner’s role in pregnancy, labor & delivery, the emotional journey of labor, and fully owning your birth in its uniqueness. Look for our presentation time on the Expo schedule!

We have classes starting in May and June, so please drop by our table and fire questions at us. We love what we do: inspire and empower couples to experience fully the miracle of birth!