Danielle Bustamante Photography

Newborn Photography has been a blessing for me. I adore working with baby's. I love that I get to spend 3 hours connecting with new moms and hear all about their experience in becoming a  mother to their new beautiful baby. By creating a relaxed, womb like environment for baby I'm able to capture unique, custom portraits. It's important for me to make sure the parents are relaxed and at ease as well during the session. The sessions can be conducted on-location or in my home studio. Sessions that are done on-location within the clients home opens up many options for various settings. Working with baby's means lots of messes. I'm always prepared and expect messes to happen. Poop, pee, spit-up, and crying...it's what babies do best! Baby runs the show. So if baby is having a hard time settling into a setting we created, then we take a break and give baby a feeding or even a just moment to be held. 

I always tell my clients to book the session within 2 weeks of birth. Once a baby is older than 2 weeks they tend to be more alert and in tune with their environment. So they are more sensitive to mom's presence and they are more likely to stay awake when moving in and out of different settings. They can also take a very long time to ease into a deep sleep, limiting the amount of different settings we can create within the 3 hour session. If baby is older than 2 weeks, a session is still very possible. I've done sessions of newborns up to 1 month of age and have had great success. To schedule a session, feel free to contact me to discuss the session and then just reach out to me a day or two after baby's arrival to schedule the session that following week. 

During the session I make every effort to sanitize my equipment and use hand sanitizer regularly during the session to protect the baby from any viruses or germs. All props and blankets are washed/sanitized with fragrance free detergent after every session. 

I welcome you to visit my website and I would love the opportunity to work with you and your new baby!

Danielle Bustamante