Hazard Baby!

“Because babies really should have warning labels!”

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What is Hazard Baby?

Hazard Baby is a warning label clothing line for kids.  Launched in the spring of 2014 from my home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  We feature 100% soft cotton infant onesies, toddler t-shirts, rompers, and bibs with  “warning label” designs.  All of our clothing is designed by myself and screen printed locally.

How did Hazard Baby Start?:

Hazard Baby was born at a propane filling station with a rented VW Camper Bus on a family tour of the Utah National Parks in 2011.  The warning label on the propane tank asked us to alert an official if we notice an odor.  We decided that this warning also applied to babies!  We quickly realized that a great many warning and caution signs for equipment and material safety also apply to kids!  I soon got to work on designing the Hazard Baby logo and “titles”.

Hazard Baby is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever thought that babies should come with warning labels.

My Background:

Originally from Princeton, NJ, I attended The University of Vermont where I graduated with a degree in Integrated Natural Resources.  After four years of working with the US Forest Service, my husband and I started a Country Store/Cider Mill business while my husband, quite accidentally, began growing a masonry business.  After our first daughter was born, we reevaluated our priorities and sold the store to focus on our new family and the masonry business.  Fast forward several years, with my two girls in school, I was beginning to look at my work options when the idea for Hazard Baby came along… 


Hazard Baby’s Future:

* More Titles!

* More Sizes and Colors! Even youth to adult.

* More Styles… Sweatshirts, Long-sleeved Shirts, Hats, Diaper Bags, etc. 


The possibilities are endless!

When it comes down to it, I hope my customers have as much fun with their Hazard Baby clothing as I do in designing them.


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www.hazardbaby.com or send an email to info@hazardbaby.com

Feel free to contact me, Lynn Brown, with any questions about Hazard Baby!