Pine Hill Waldorf School

Soon after you give birth, you realize that you are now responsible for another human being.  It is your immense responsibility to teach this perfect baby. You start by repeating ‘Mama’ over and over. You move on to clapping, doing it again and again until you see your not-so-little baby clap back with a giggle. From then, it is continuous learning--walking, riding a bike, tying shoes.  The learning happens at different times, at each child’s own pace.  You also teach your child what right and wrong, songs that were once sung to you, and how to be a balanced, healthy person. There comes a time for your child to get complimentary education, and finding the right home away from home can be challenging. Luckily there is a beautiful school located in Wilton, NH that is as close to home as it gets.

Pine Hill Waldorf School celebrates each child’s education, academically, physically, emotionally. They foster a family-focused plan of care so each child feels comfortable just as they are. Play-based multi-age Kindergarten focuses on sensory integration, daily and seasonal rhythms, and the child’s blossoming imagination. The magical location, in the midst of 300 acres of vibrant, beautiful woods, is surrounded by farmlands and water. This provides a perfect setting for learning, and Kindergarten students spend about half of their time outdoors. Waldorf curriculum emphasizes allowing the children space and time to grow, explore and discover. It is the right fit for any child who loves to learn by doing.

Waldorf education's developmental approach fosters a curious and creative mind and teachers use an integrated, hands-on approach to learning. Beyond core academics, the school day challenges students to think creatively and work with their hands through outdoor activities, textile crafts, woodworking, foreign language, instrumental music, Eurythmy, and movement education.

A 337-seat auditorium is filled throughout the year with class plays, concerts, seasonal festivals, performing arts and the Hilltop Circus, presented by our middle school students.  Pine Hill offers a safe haven for kids to be kids. Where their education is learned firsthand through doing, not sitting.

This isn’t just school, it is a sanctuary. A joyous place where imagination is celebrated.  A place to discover, to be nurtured, to interact, to create. A place to learn. As parents, it is impossible to do all of the teaching.  Pine Hill Waldorf School offers parent-child classes as well as preschool and kindergarten for 2.9 - 6 years old .  Children are inspired and engaged to learn more about themselves and the great world around them.

Come, be inspired.