Dohm Sound Machine by Marpac

You may not know it yet, but the Dohm sound machine by Marpac is your new best friend. 

The Dohm's soothing white noise helps children sleep like babies (only better!) at nighttime or naptime. Using a sound machine helps to establish a sleepy-time ritual that can travel with you to grandma's house or on vacation.  We recommend turning the machine on as part of the bedtime routine to create a soothing environment that signals “it’s time for bed” – this is a very effective sleep training tool, and a useful bit of sleep hygiene at any age!


But sound machines aren’t just about falling asleep; they’re about staying asleep, too.  White noise helps mask the clanks, creaks, rings, and dings of dishwashers, telephone calls, and all of the other not-so-silent things you need to get done without waking the kids.  The consistent sound environment they create is especially soothing to infants, but know that white noise is not just for babies – in fact, many families have sound machines in every bedroom.  A well-rested family is a happier family, so treat everyone to some deliciously deep sleep.