Sleep Number Bed

Only Sleep Number Beds gives you the individualized comfort you both need. With a Sleep Number® bed, you can adjust to a softer Sleep Number® setting for comfort as the baby grows. So, it's perfect for couples who disagree on mattress firmness. Our beds are clinically proven to relieve back pain and improve sleep quality. They're great for both side and back sleepers. Our beds come with a 100 night in home trial and a 25 year limited warranty, and last many years longer than an innerspring mattress. 91% of our bed owners say they'd recommend our bed. 

The Sleep Number Store in the Pheasant Lane Mall is proud to be participating in this wonderful event. There will be extra discounts above and beyond our current sale prices and promotions on our Beds, Pillows, and Bedding available at the event or in the store for all those who attend. 

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