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A Healthier Life For Everyone 

You know how the question of "what's healthy and what's not?" seems to get more difficult to answer with every commercial and every Facebook and blog post we encounter? Yet this is definitely a question for which people planning to raise a new family will want trustworthy answers! Here's the problem:

Making healthy choices has become increasingly difficult in the past 40 years with the explosion of "fast food", dangerous food additives, toxic ingredients in personal care and household products, unnecessary and dangerous pharmaceuticals pushed on TV, and sophisticated and deceptive marketing by companies more interested in their bottom line and market share than in the real health outcomes of their customers. Most marketplace competition today is based on price and hype - and on addictive ingredients - rather than on real product quality!

But it doesn't have to be that way. We have been helping people learn to make healthier lifestyle choices since partnering with Shaklee in 1978. And Shaklee has been leading the way in research and meticulous manufacturing and quality control practices for safe and effective nutritional, personal care and household products since 1956. They continue to prove that a business based on the Golden Rule, doing the right things and putting quality first CAN be successful in todays economy. And they've led the way in providing equal compensation for equal productivity across gender, racial and religious lines since the beginning!

I want to be clear, though, that our job is NOT to sell you a bunch of stuff. Our job IS to listen to your questions and concerns, to answer those questions we can and to find answers for those we can't, and, with your permission, to propose solutions we think might help you achieve your goals. So with that in mind, let me give you a little background on the company from whose staff we would get those answers...

Always Safe - Always Works - Always Green 

Shaklee's focus has ALWAYS been on the health of their customers and the environment within which we all must live. "Living in Harmony with Nature and Good Health" is one of many mottos we all strive to live by.

Over the decades, Shaklee has earned a reputation as the Gold Standard of product quality and purity, customer relations and scientific integrity within the industries in which they participate. They have also formed relationships with various industry, non-profit, educational and government organizations, such as NASA (moon landings, ISS and Space Shuttle missions), the EPA (first Certified Climate Neutral company in the world - and various EPA committees), Cousteau expeditions, the Scripps Institute, many elite and Olympic athletes, and a variety of colleges and universities - including Stanford and UC Berkeley (the engineering graduate school I was attending when I first learned of Shaklee back in 1978). The full list is a VERY long one!

While I've been very impressed with all the projects I've watch Shaklee participate in over the years, I am MOST impressed with the integrity of their day-to-day operations and the lives we've been able to touch in a positive way using Shaklee products - our own included!

Here are 4 of the main reasons I have remained a loyal Shaklee customer and distributor for nearly 40 years. Shaklee values and practices these without fail:

  1. Product Design based on the latest Science - NOT jumping in on unproven fads to make a quick buck on what's currently "hot"
  2. Thorough clinical testing of products BEFORE going into production - to make sure that product gives the results it is designed to
  3. Sustainable sourcing of CLEAN raw ingredients - so that natural resources are not depleted or otherwise compromised
  4. Comprehensive Quality Control testing on EACH BATCH of raw ingredients, intermediate processing by third parties and finished goods (over 100,000 tests per year at this point!) - to prove that a) the ingredient IS what it's supposed to be, b) it has the necessary active ingredient potency, and c) it is then tested for over 350 potential contaminants, which Shaklee does NOT allow at any detectable level. This is far beyond even pharmaceutical standard practice, but it IS standard practice for Shaklee!

So many national brands and well-known retailers have been caught selling nutritional and herbal products that were nowhere close to containing what their labels promised - even in just the past few years! But Shaklee has NEVER in their 60+ YEAR HISTORY had a product recall (either voluntary or forced by court order) for product content misrepresentation. Their meticulous attention to detail up front prevents that from ever happening. That is the basis and the value of their money back guarantee!

For more detailed information on The Shaklee Difference and the care Shaklee takes in product development, testing and quality control, you can access a number of videos on these subjects using the link in this sentence.

Healthy Mamas - Healthy Babies 

Through Shaklee, we offer products and programs that promote vibrant health at all stages of life. You can access and download our Online Product Guide to browse through the over 300 health-enhancing products Shaklee offers. And there is a bibliography and collection of abstracts of published research in the back if you'd like to dive deeper into that.

But let's focus here on a few products that are specifically tailored, or especially important, for Mamas and Babies:

Prenatal Vitamins

Many nutrients are essential to a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby. So it’s important that pregnant women eat a healthy diet filled with fruits, vegetables, fiber, low-fat protein and healthy fats. Because it’s difficult to get all the nutrients necessary from diet alone, many doctors recommend that women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or nursing add high-quality supplements to their daily regimen.

The version of our basic multivitamin that is designed specifically for women under 50, Vita-Lea With Iron, more than meets the requirements for a prescription prenatal multivitamin - but without the need for a prescription. We advise people to check with their physician once they're pregnant, showing them the nutritional label (available as a downloadable PDF from our web site). And if that physician has any questions, we can help them contact the Medical Affairs team at Shaklee Headquarters to answer their concerns.

But an even better choice is Vitalizer for Women, which contains Vita-Lea With Iron (the green tablets), but also includes additional nutrients important for pregnant and nursing women. The other tablets also provide useful Omega-3 nutrients, additional B and C vitamins, and others. Stop by our table at the Expo and check out the full nutritional checklist for these products as they relate to the needs of pre- and post-natal women.

While you're in the process of building a brand new human being, some of your building blocks will need to be from a high quality protein source. Shaklee's Life Shake product line can't be beat! In fact, Dr. Shaklee himself invented the first commercially available vegetable-based protein supplement way back in the 1950s - and the company has maintained their leadership position in this field ever since!

You have a lot of great protein options with Shaklee. Not only do we offer our flagship soy-based Life Shake (in a variety of flavors), but we also offer non-soy alternatives based on sacha inchi and our Plain & Simple Vegan mix. And besides being non-GMO, they all contain no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, are gluten free, lactose free, low glycemic, and Kosher. And, of course, they taste great! Check out a smoothee recipe book at our table at the Expo!

And there are a number of additional nutrients (calcium, vitamin D, iron, etc.) that are also important. Because of this, we have a special area for Healthy Pregnancy products in our online store where you can learn more. There is also a "Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby" video available that gives details on "10 Nutrients for a Healthy Pregnancy".

The need for great nutrition for a mother doesn't end when a child is born - or even when the child is done nursing. You'll need more energy to keep up with that child as s/he grows, you'll want to get your own body back into shape, and you might very well have plans for one or more additional children as well!

And then there is the child to consider...

Safe Baby and Children's Products

We offer a collection of Shakleebaby™ products in our online Shaklee store. There is a Lotion, a Gentle Wash and a Massage Oil, all designed to be safe, gentle and healthy for infants. The same care for quality ingredients and eliminating impurities is applied to these products as religiously as to our nutritional products.

And as your children grow, there is also a collection of Shakleekids™ nutritional products designed specifically for the needs of growing, healthy children. We can discuss those when the time is right.

Also, consider looking into our Get Clean™ line of household products. Besides being safe for the environment, they are also safe for your young children - because they don't contain the toxic ingredients that are found in typical household products. But there are a couple of other benefits: their cleaning power has been shown to be better than the popular name brand cleaners by independent testing labs that specialize in such tests AND they are incredibly less expensive per use than those name brands (even when bought in bulk and with coupons!). And we're happy to let you try them for a few days to test them for yourself! Just ask to borrow a Cleaning Bucket.

A Community of Helpful and Supportive Friends 

Beyond the products that we offer, there is a vast Community of happy and healthy Shaklee customers and distributors from all walks of life that newcomers can tap into to learn from their experiences and to get advice. This community includes medical professionals, midwives, birth doulas, Olympic-medal-winning athletes, Nobel-Prize-winning scientists and humanitarians, astronauts, explorers - and experienced moms, both stay-at-home and pursuing-professional-careers varieties. Those of us pursuing the business side of Shaklee regularly hold or attend conference calls, webinars, open houses and larger events - often featuring nationally known guest speakers. Much of our job is consumer education - and there is a LOT that needs detailed clarification in this day and age!

One national group that would be of special benefit to new and prospective parents is Project MAHMA. (The acronym stands for "Moms At Home Making A..." - often completed with the word "Difference", but sometimes also followed by "And A Lot Of Money".) While any Shaklee Member is welcome to join them, this organization was first started as a support group by a number of stay-at-home moms who are Shaklee customers and/or distributors. They hold regularly scheduled conference calls and they have a members-only Facebook group - and they also have a big gathering at each Shaklee Regional and Global Conference. We're happy to connect you with our group (yes, we're members) if you'd like to learn more.

HealthPrint™ – Personalized Health Plan (Free Service)

To help clear up some of the confusion many people face when considering making a change to a healthier lifestyle, Shaklee created the HealthPrint™ personalized health plan service. The user answers a number of questions about their current eating and activity pattern and their top 3 health goals to get started. They receive back a Diet Score and a Lifestyle Score, as well as a customized plan of diet and lifestyle suggestions that can help them improve their score, relative to the goals they expressed. They will also get three sets of Shaklee product recommendations, based on different budget ranges, that can help fill in nutritional gaps based on their current eating patterns.

For more information on this service, watch the "HealthPrint - Personalized Health Plan" video (scroll down to the second video on the page).

When you decide you'd like to try HealthPrint and see what your scores and recommendations are, just click this HealthPrint link to get started!

We Look Forward To Meeting You!

Ours is a very social business - and we always enjoy meeting new people and making new friends! Feel free to sign up to receive our newsletter, request a Basic Nutrition Sample Kit, set up a time for a more in-depth talk (expos aren't very good for discussions that require focus and patience), get in the queue for borrowing a Cleaning Bucket, get on the schedule for having some close friends over for a skin care field test, consider joining our next 5-Day Reset Program - or just to hang out!

We have a lot to offer!

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