Probonix – Unique Probiotic Formulas to Meet Your Family’s Health Needs

About 60-70% of your body’s immune system is in your gastrointestinal (GI) tract – to help prevent molds, viruses, and other harmful substances from gaining access to your body. Your GI tract naturally contains both “good” bacteria (known as probiotics or microflora) and “bad” bacteria. Researchers recommend that you maintain a healthy ratio of approximately 85% good bacteria to 15% bad bacteria.

Without this balance, you or your kids may suffer from gas, bloating, lactose intolerance, eczema, thrush, or a variety of other health issues. But busy schedules, stress, junk food, antibiotics, and a bunch of other stressors on the body can throw your gut out of balance.

So how do you get (and maintain) that good balance?

Probiotics inhibit the growth of bad bacteria, promote good digestion, reduce toxins, and boost your immune system. So keeping a ratio of more good bacteria to bad bacteria is crucial to staying healthy. You can get them by eating certain foods or by taking probiotic supplements like Probonix. We have unique formulations for children and women in addition to our standard adult formula. Probonix is currently the only scientifically-tested supplement  proven to deliver a maximum effective dose of live bacteria into the GI tract.


Unique formulas for your family

Our children’s liquid probiotic uses an exclusive formula of eight of the most effective probiotic strains formulated specifically for infants and children of all ages. Traditional probiotics in pills and capsules are difficult or even impossible to give to infants and small children. Most powdered probiotics need to be measured and mixed into a liquid, which takes more time and can result in clumping. But taking Probonix is simple. Our liquid format makes it easy to give as it can be placed directly on the tongue. Or if your child doesn’t want to take the drops directly, simply put it in their favorite unheated drink (under 110 degrees Fahrenheit).

Our women’s liquid probiotic  has a unique formula of 11 of the most effective probiotic strains to address women’s issues such as yeast infections and UTIs, as well as bloating, gas, and other gut related issues. Our original adult formula  contains 12 of the most effective probiotic strains for overall gut health.

But what if I’m on antibiotics?

We get this question a lot. Sometimes antibiotics are a necessary part of your healthcare. While antibiotics are fighting off harmful bacteria, they are also killing good bacteria. Supplementing with a probiotic can help to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria that is being killed off by the antibiotics. That is why we developed Probonix Restore , a probiotic complement to your antibiotic. Probonix Restore contains a mixture of nine probiotic strains scientifically formulated to both restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut and to help to stave off some of the most common negative side effects associated with antibiotics. 

Probiotics are great, but I think there is more going on with my gut

Many people suffer from long-term gastrointestinal issues for a variety of different reasons, from over-use of antibiotics to dietary issues to other health conditions. As a result, their GI tracts have become damaged, exasperating their issues and leading to food allergies, low energy, joint pain, and even more severe long-term consequences like Leaky Gut Syndrome or autoimmune diseases. If you’ve suffered from long-term GI issues, adding Probonix Repair to your current probiotic regimen could provide the help you need. Probonix Repair is a supplement that is designed to promote proper tissue growth and repair in the gastrointestinal tract.

The medical team at Humarian is dedicated to providing the most innovative and groundbreaking products to improve immune and gastrointestinal health while beneficially impacting overall wellbeing. Learn more about Humarian and our entire family of Probonix products

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